Dear Mountain Neighbor,

Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP) is a volunteer run 501(c)(3) non-profit. We serve you, the residents of Idyllwild, Pine Cove and Mountain Center. Through education and planning, we are preparing our isolated communities for whatever may come – earthquake, fire, flood, or other disasters.

To do this, we depend entirely upon grants, your gifts, and your volunteer help. Your support allows us to serve you better. Please give at a level that is meaningful for you.

Our 8 Disaster Aid Stations (DAS), located across the hill, contain medical supplies, search and rescue equipment, communication gear, generators, etc., to support our CERT trained volunteers. Our radio networks of repeaters and handheld radios allow us to exchange emergency information, even when power, cell phones, and landlines are all out.

Our medical group continues its mission to train in preparation for providing first aid at our DAS units and develop resources for those with critical care needs. Your gifts allow us to annually replenish our medications and supplies.

Over the last year, we have broadcast over 600 road incidents alerts via, and offered you a choice of alert content. Your donations allow us to continue the upgrade of our emergency alert system. These alerts include everything from road conditions, weather, fires, traffic accidents, and more.

MDP partners with first responders at Idyllwild Fire, CalFire, Riverside County Emergency Management Department, Riverside County Sheriff, CHP, the Red Cross and other organizations. Working together, we make our communities safer.

We are presently focusing on El Nino and its possible effects on the Hill. Working with our partners, we are educating the community and preparing to mobilize our resources.

Please make a tax deductible gift now (DONATE button on the right) so that we can continue to make our communities safer, better prepared, and so that we can better serve you in case of emergency. Thank you in advance for your gift.

Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP)
PO Box 142, Idyllwild, CA 92549