• The Core Medical Group (CMG) consists of individuals capable of directing the overall medical response (see attached list of names). They will staff the Advanced Treatment Area (ATA) to be designated). Individual CMG members unable to reach the ATA will proceed to their local Disaster Aid Station (DAS).
  • DAS Responders consist of individuals with or without some medical background or Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. They will staff their local DAS units. (See map for your local DAS). The DAS units will administer first-aid only.  More complicated  problems will be referred to the ATA.


  • Advanced Treatment Area (to be designated) — capable of providing the highest level of care
  • DAS units---eight units, labeled A though H, distributed throughout the Community, capable of providing first-aid only, with more complicated problems being referred to the Critical Care Area. (Click here for DAS maps and information).
  • MASH unit — located at Highway 243 and Tollgate, 75 yards west of DAS F. Contains ATA and surplus supplies
  • Red Cross — capable of providing shelter and social services. Trailer of supplies located at Idyllwild Fire Station
  • Idyllwild Pharmacy — a number of medications are stored at the Pharmacy.


Medical care will be directed by CMG members, who will be in contact via radio with the Incident Commander at the Fire Station, as well as the commanders, medical responders at the DAS units, and the rescue workers in the field.

Click here to see map of your local DAS stations