A handful of thunderstorms will be possible near the higher terrain of southern California, mainly east and south of Los Angeles County.  Isolated showers and storms will continue in the Sierras.

The best chance of dry thunderstorms appears to be Sunday when additional mid and high level moisture arrives.  Scattered dry storms will be possible from the Sierras southward to most of the mountains of Southern California.  The storms will be few in numbers Friday and Saturday, but should be more widespread on Sunday.  Therefore a High Risk Day continues for […] most of the mountains of Southern CA, including the Angeles, San Bernardino and Cleveland N.F’s.

Gusty, erratic winds, but little rain will result from the storms.  Due to the recent hot, dry weather, dead fuel moisture has slipped back toward record low readings and fuels will be highly receptive to ignition this weekend.  High temperatures will remain about the same over the weekend.  Early next week, moisture in the low levels should increase, allowing storms to transition from dry to wet.  Brief heavy rain will be possible from the storms Monday and Tuesday.  The active thunderstorm pattern may continue most of next week along with hot temperatures.

From Interagency Fire Weather Center – Predictive Services Unit