Mission Statement

Consistent with the bylaws of Mountain Disaster Preparedness (MDP), the Medical Director and Medical Committee (also known as the Core Medical Group) shall:

  • (a) have had training in some aspect of the medical field;
  • (b) develop a list of medical supplies to be maintained in the Disaster Aid Station and Idyllwild Fire Station caches;
  • (c) be responsible for the rotation, procurement, and disposal of medical supplies;
  • (d) maintain the medical personnel section of the Emergency Response Directory;
  • (e) work with the American Red Cross Coordinator to assign nurses and/or other medical personnel to Red Cross Shelters as needed;
  • (f) prepare and submit an annual budget for medical supplies, training, and operations;
  • (g) in addition to the responsibilities set out in the By Laws, the Group will be responsible for scheduling and conducting medical exercises, in coordination with the Communications and Training Directors  and the MDP Board.

The Core Medical Group consists of more highly trained medical professionals (doctors and nurses) who reside here and have volunteered their services in the event of emergency. Once activated, they will report to an advanced treatment area (ATA) (currently located at Idyllwild Pines Camp). The ATA will relocate to Town Hall in 2021) and provide care and treatment to the more severely injured.

This group trains multiple times during each year and drills with first responders regarding patient transport, medical conditions and EMT observations of the injured coming to the ATA.

This vital group is in need of additional skilled volunteers. If interested in serving your community and joining the Core Medical Group, complete and submit the form below. You will be contacted by a director. 


Dick Goldberg M.D., FACEP
GiGi Kramer, RN

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  • The Core Medical Group (CMG) consists of individuals capable of directing the overall medical response. They will staff the Advanced Treatment Area (ATA) to be designated). Individual CMG members unable to reach the ATA will proceed to their local Disaster Aid Station (DAS).
  • DAS Responders consist of individuals with or without some medical background or Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. They will staff their local DAS units. (See map for your local DAS). The DAS units will administer first-aid only.  More complicated  problems will be referred to the ATA.


  • Advanced Treatment Area — capable of providing the highest level of care
  • DAS units — nine units, labeled A though H, distributed throughout the Community, capable of providing first-aid only, with more complicated problems being referred to the Critical Care Area. (See DAS map link).
  • MASH unit — located at Highway 243 and Tollgate, 75 yards west of DAS F. Contains ATA and surplus supplies
  • Red Cross — capable of providing shelter and social services. Trailer of supplies located at Idyllwild Fire Station


Medical care will be directed by CMG members, who will be in contact via radio with the Incident Commander at the Fire Station, as well as the commanders, medical responders at the DAS units, and the rescue workers in the field.

Click here to see map of your local DAS stations